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Related article: Date: Thursday, July 9, 2009 18 51st 41 -0400 From: JW u003cjw1137 hotmail. com u003e Subject: History of Brooke 3 floors Brooke - 3 How I ended up with pierced nipples and a car. to: Jackie Now you know how it all began. You could say that older women use , but I did not mind - in fact, in most cases, I have a reward. I had accumulated is a nice little cache of cash for my first and High sophomore years of school if not for my frivolous spending in the clothes and things that needed. Halfway through my first year my father promised me a car if was sixteen years since the spring. His condition, to prove that I, n was responsible was enough to handle the freedom, and I have to pay for my own gas s. definition to prove to my father who was responsible for me to get to for a job. "You have to make some money if you are able to move everywhere... the gas is very expensive," he said. that still does not know Chris bribes ºs hairdresser. cell phone photos that Julia had blackmailed me with lost most of their bite when I was a star on the track team. No one could accuse me, always my place by suction until the coach again, but at that time was my fries girlfriend constantly improving my skills pussy licking addicts - I made ​​them pay. A despite my adequate cash flow needed to meet the working conditions of his father s. at 15 -year-old high school student who had limited skills to offer in the the traditional labor market. Of course, I was not impressed with the view flipping burgers and asking, 'You and chips ", but what else do I could do I was desperate -.. No Job No auto all I had to do to get more money to expand my sexual clientele. the problem was, I do not think there was some form of prostitution acceptable way my father in the sense of responsibility had to show. I almost ready to give up hope. best friend of my mother, Colette, had a cleaning business from home. wasin visiting my mother one evening and found myself going through the job boards on the network. " Whatcha doing," said over his shoulder. " My father promised me a car, but only if you first get a job," said s my dilemma. " Well, I could use a pair of hands," he said. ", a former client of mine has just moved to town and wants me to do with it two times a week... problem is that my schedule is already full. I either no work in the evening hours, or turn them off, and I like to do dass " ` clean house, "I know how to do that, I thought. " Indeed, I am quite well \\ \\ n, if I say so. " " so I'd be working on you, "he said clarification. " Well, I was thinking that just connect to two, and can the work of his own business. " I'm in a hurry, on the outskirts of the solution to my problem, because s really wanted the car. " Can you, uh... taught him... that would be great ! "I gushed. " Sure honey, I'll give you a call now and see if we cas to come. " Colette grabbed his cell phone open and dialed. I do not really hear what said, but when they turned off the phone Colette had a strange look in the face. n " You should be attracted to a little honey, because it's like to work interview. " " What do I wear ? " " I've always liked that white summer dress where... You know, with the straps spaghetti and tight skirt ? " that I knew it, she has spoken, but in reality is not as apparent wear kind of thing for an interview. I had not used it in the month because I Preteen Erotica thought it was too small. "do not know if it does not fit," said the friend of my mother and now a representative of my s trade. " now let's see us," suggested turning the room Colette result in my bedroom. I got the computer and followed. 've always been a strange sense of between the legs of thinking about the last time I put on suit. I shuffled through my closet and is in a white bra to wear. keep inspection IHe said, "Is this who you mean? " " and honey, which is... I love that you," encouraged the older woman. " may no longer fit," I expressed my concern. "Now I put it on and let's see," said Colette and sat on my bed. is obvious that to remain the friend of my mother while I have certainly changed. to realized that he wanted only sixteen, but if you ever had shyness was gone. In fact, I have a strong sexual career to show off my body just - I guess that makes me an exhibitionist. Colette had never made ​​any progress in the past, though he knew his admiring glances when she came to visit my mother. I had always s very flattering about my appearance, but it was not unusual, and I did well. Until a few minutes, she never had what he wanted or needed. I have a severe tingling in my breasts when I pulled the old T-shirt loose n on my head. I got one of my plain white bra. The tingling went ithin the stomach to open the belt. Trod out of them when I looked up and saw the look of pleasure on his face. n pounding really started to feel hot when I got back and published the hook. He was regularly exposed to other people, but I tried to remember when I had never made a slow strip for each n before and failed. Colette was sitting in bed with her hands behind her, a sort of ironical change in his arms. The position thrust her breasts and I noticed the for the first time how big her breasts were. Scanning down his body could not stop , but seeing how the semi- recumbent position, pulled the hem of the other Rock n modest quite high. The friend of my mother was not a beginning and fashion model. She was round and fleshy, not all n as Chris or Sammy or my girlfriend Carleen. My curiosity with my pussy s he woke up. Looking back on his face that I could have sworn he held his breath while I n instead of subst white bra cups in place of mychocolate brown antia boobies. I was a good time, pretending to modesty, to see what s they would. took the bra cups to keep my breasts covered, but secretly Press the heels of the new hands on my nipples. Very subtle, that moved my hands to rub the hardness through the thin cotton and polyester blend material. Stimulation delicious steamed sent waves in my belly. A bit strange sound escaped my throat and Colette misinterpreted as shyness. "It 's okay honey... do not be shy around me right? " Was very hard to sound casual, but the tension was evident in his voice. I rub my nipples a little harder. "No need, so modest, you're young, In a very nice s wife. " that has seen the increasingly tense expression, that this pause in my \\ \\ n strip was a nightmare for my manager. Fortunately for me there was is a great similarity between the color of the excitement I felt, and flush of shame, she saw Colette. My breasts were much bigger and they were getting too hard to excel in Preteen Erotica the n him more. When he came down and showed her bra hanging in the ribs, but my nipples tingle just my mother 's friend stuck shows how the little finger. as Colette 's eyes widened and slipped into bed, he did very clear, that the hearing was a powerful influence on her. "Oh my God... Brooke, it becomes a very big girl," he said. All I had was on the left side, a pair of white bikini. Colette made ​​my skin tingle eyes when I entered the dress. Lean forward, as it made my tits hang and jiggle very little , as I lifted each leg. I put my arms through the straps and thin drag them to the correct position for my nakedness. When you get behind the zipper of Colette came out of bed and said. " Then let me help you " You were behind me and pulled the dress over my hips. is cozy. I was htheir hands on the zipper tab, but it seemed a long time , not stirred. ` She is looking ass", I thought to know that it would still be able to s see the crack of my ass in white lingerie through the open back dress. \\ \\ n Finally, the zipper is pulled and I felt the material to stretch and give to accommodate my ample Preteen Erotica charms. (That is, if a 15 year old may have wide charm. ) Colette came and stood back to admire his costume selection. your critical eye looked me up and down. " you were right, " he said, "It very tight, but I like to write on you. " stepped forward and began to adjust the top of the bra and was based on the surface of the shell under the arms and pull them pretty hard. I up my breasts, what better focused and realized that, although chips than he was no match for my nipples prominent. turgor small pegs its position vertically on the cotton cloth. \\ \\ n Colette scanning and configuration of a downward movementª pulled at the hem of the n is the outer thighs. The Rock has come no more than three inches below my crotch. ` If mounted above, I have to be careful not to show objects. requested " " Return to Me, "my future manager is still critical observing the way. , I shuffled my bare feet and began to make a pirouette. When my back was a its Colette called "Stop! " It sounded almost surprised. A second later, his hands were on my ass. " panty lines ruin real, "he said through his fingers hit was the place where the elastic of the leg -shaped holes - in the same fabric. " you have a strap you wear? " its prevented was in front of my dresser. I opened my underwear drawer n and pulled out a pink thong, that a band is a wide elastic belt. ", which should work, "my wardrobe consultant approved of my choice. sat on the bed while applying torque, my hips, turned me back into his face. Colette tookdress to the edge was above the hips. get to strip my mom 's friend was so hot and I knew that my juices flowing. When I ran the dress a bit. The old woman was almost at eye level with my pussy and I felt a chill was wondering if my wetness. I had to look at the potentially embarrassing evidence of emotion, because a second later, the woman n sitting pulled my pants down. I caught the faint but unmistakable scent of my arousal and I realized that about Colette, it would be much stronger. When I got underwear, my ankle, I was very aware of them, soft feeling between my legs. " Oooo... When did you start shaving? " Friend of my mother asked, happy and ran his hand over my plump softness. Direct contact with my mons sent overheated electrical tingling all directions. It felt like my nipples went right to bring dre of the BHss. " I... I had to crawl" I managed to croak out. " Well, it looks good," he said congratulations and ran her fingers over them over again as light as feathers. As Colette 's face was tense. She blushed, her eyes wide open and his mouth open. When I saw appear to touch your tongue and upper lip, I thought, ` You lick me ! "And my clitoris shook with anticipation. " Colette... Brooke... "We heard the voice of my mother from the hall. She was close to more and more. the change in the expression n to face the seated woman told me that this might n ot going well. Came in an instant at the oars and pulled it up around the my hips. a couple of tugs on the small triangle for my kitten and an adaptation of butt floss quickly and had the rock and its position Cheryl walked through the front door. "What are you doing both ? " Mother asked seems suspicious. " Yashi called... You know, she moved to town a few months Before... has begun for meIt has its place again, but not time. "Colette is sovereign was remarkable. " Yes, so is Brooke in search of a job I suggested we go there and see what kind of work in front of have. "face mom was suspicious of something else. I really could not say s what I thought, but it seemed he knew Yashi these n very well. " So re-in the city, " said my mother, as to gain time in order to collect your thoughts. " Yes, and I thought I would have the opportunity to Brooke Wet n... uh, uh, get your feet wet, " Colette corrected peak collection. e mother exchanged her friend seems sensible, I do not understand. " I just thought a little to make some better than shorts and a Use T -shirt when we go to see them, " said the woman in the bed that s that we had somehow -. n " Now I know that Marcus firmly her a job before and responsibility, it gives you a car. I hope you can work on something datime is running out, and nothing so far panned out at all, " said my mother. *** On the way to the place Yashi Colette looked over the legs. I expected when I sit in the dress of pink thong peeking n in the hem. I expected it to be clean enough to pay the businessman the attention of your trip, not to us in an accident. and go really a show car, luckily there was n to see it. welcomed Yashi us at the door and lead us to the living room. is very a casual dress shirt and jeans. Colette was a little better up with the skirt, but as it turned out that was the only "hidden " this meeting. After having presented Colette explained his plan, type subcontracted cleaning the house of our host. Yashi eyes were on me, and plump my future employer will not check my attributes caregiver. all physical sensations I had in my bedroom strip for Colette were still there, but had decreased slightly after n was fully clothed - Art - while we took the short drive to Yashi. But now that the woman who could be interested for the job was unmasked in my figure in adolescence, began tingling all delicious double n Preteen Erotica a. I could almost feel my nipples grow and push against the the dress of the bra cup that makes their condition significantly. is obviously not wearing a bra Yashi, because their heavy breasts hung n and prominent button in the center of each was easy to detect. My business manager or future employer and I were discussing the details should Preteen Erotica pay more attention, but I was not really until I heard Yashi is " is OK, OK, but what makes extra " ` extras - 'I am. `How is windows and shampoo means carpets? ", because the extras are very important," said our host, and gave me a look me chills. " We have not really discussed that pArt, "was Colette, and now they were looked at me. " extras ? " I finally got the word. " What do you mean under Tools ? "Putting Colette his hand on my bare shoulder and began to stroke it gently. " Well honey beside the house cleaning Yashi want a little play games n you. "N ` games? Extras? Was all the code, and I began to suspect what is n is code. The realization caused the sensation of heat in my Coochie still not \\ \\ n moved away to go to some degree. "What kind of games? "I said, trying to keep my voice calm. The circles are part of Colette in the back was, there, so decreased to lower circuit was touching the tip of my -ass. ", you could play something like dressing up... You know, like we had before came here... unless it is not interrupted. remember you get " I thought of changing clothes in my room for half an episode of hours do if my mother had not gone in I have bottomless in front of my mother FriFinal thought he was going to lick my ​​pussy for a second. " Do you think I would have jumped all eh... y... and she would come to me? " I tried to clarify. My eyes flashed back and forth between Colette and Yashi. They looked scared. The tremor in my voice was mostly emotion, but I understand that you can as the thought of older women, shame was nervous. Colette hand was actually in the ass and rub gently. The only thing between n and caress my young ass around fine oppression of the bra - skirt dress. It was really very, very hot. " This is the real treasure, and touch them," Cleaning the operator expanded. I thought I saw a change in facial expression Yashi ie, the appearance of lust. She wanted me - bad. " Do you agree that honey ? " Colette asked and she had begun to tighten n my -ass now. The constant noise in my pussy with a sharp pulse is interrupted each time I squeezed his cheeks plump round ass. " Uh.. . I'm not sure, " I lied, hoping to pressure for me Once again, it was like a veil thrown over Yashi This time it was the face of his face s seemed determined,.. Almost I "If no extras then I guess I'm not interested in ' my' wannabe ' employer put his foot down. I was looking for a job in months without Preteen Erotica success. I was in the beginning of the n is concerned about the car. My father did not diminish their status and this was by far the best opportunity I've had. " W... what I would do exactly? "I acted as if completely innocent. " It is better for Brooke "was the point of view of the face back to a barely bridled Yashi request. At the same time, he stepped forward and ran his hand over filled the body of my dress. almost feel my nipples grow as his fingers pushed him. my kitten shook violently and do not know how I kept moaning. I waving my gain calculation innocent eyes, like the top. it may be out, but that was not defeated. the problem was that bOTR of older women were the hands of the n me and it was hard to believe. was worse when Colette lifted my skirt to stroke back and use circle, pressing firmly on my bare bottom. When she slapped him was like lightning struck my pussy. I was half scream the surprise and half the fun. The buttock had been beaten to really start to feel a tingling in his hand came n with a blow on the other side. The noise he made was about the same, but this time I actually jumped in the air. " I think he likes that Yashio, " Colette speculated that his hand was his caress. How wonderful to caress her ass was like before it was even more fun lost now in the rear. The spines on the surface of my cheeks seemed Migration between my legs and adds clarity to the vibration that is already. Ries signals streaming pleasure on my crotch. Yashi attracted me to her as she sat on the couch. I refused bent forward at the waist. My breasts teen hung heavy pendulum to his pleasure, and examined it thoroughly with her ​​mouth and hands. at the same time, Colette and beaten alternately stroking my bare ass red s that of an exciting tingling away to a sharp prick. When she hit was as if a bee stung my clitoris. The feeling in my butt and between my ​​legs was intense and it should have been painful, but somehow was not. Amid whipping gently ran his hand over the curve of my ass configuration. The feeling was different than before, had been n contact me through my clothes. The skin was so sensitive, it was like fingertips were a thousand hot needles in me a tingle. My pussy pounding like never before. Yashi pulled me forward and mashed my face into her soft huge naked tits. She lay on the couch nHow and I realized that s naked. I was so engrossed in my lashes, I had not realized to quit my tits strips. the head down and sucked my tits ass lick my employer was still in the n air. I felt my pink thong Colette got shapely long legs. All that was developed early in my body 15 years now bra dress like a wide belt around my belly included. The reclining woman was pushed down the back of my head. I knew what they wanted. dragged my tongue down on soft chubby belly until I reached the s curly dark pubic hair. He sinks to his knees opened my wet ripe femininity and buried my tongue into her hot slippery bottom. Behind me, Colette had followed me to the ground. My cheeks felt like they were n in the fire and spread wide. If you tickle the tongue in my anus cramps in my coochie I went wild. My head was shaking back and forth, up and down in the mud Yashi wrinkles pressed. When the cleaning itselfrvice operators reached between my legs and put a lot of the fingers of the n-channel transmission could not contain. The sense of his fingers in my pussy and my clit thumb meets was familiar, but the tongue in the ass - hole and fire burning in the cheeks of my ass added a all n other amazing dimension to the powerful climax. Due to the incredible electrical sensation, tingling, and caused all my ​​body, and the pyrotechnic light show, what happens in my head, remained in the tonguing and Yashi suction. When her body began to tremble, as if it caused a reboot of my own orgasm and catapulted me Preteen Erotica back delirium wonderful. *** I have to admit that the rest of the time Yashi house was blurred. my ​​new employer has me in the shower and managed to convince another orgasm out of me. My body was almost numb, except for the itching burning in my bum when Colette brought me Preteen Erotica home. And so twice a week for the rest of the year. Colette was sometimesand sometimes there was another woman, other time it was just me and Yashi. that have agreed to pay a hundred dollars a visit and never done cleaning. My father, of course, not knowing what it was and satisfied with my ` an honest job. " In my sixteenth birthday I called from out of town on a nice day n and inform me that he made all the arrangement in the Honda dealer. all I had to do was go there and talk to a woman named Myra. it s I said the car dealer to look after. n It is very true.
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